Monday, October 6, 2008

Apple People, part 1

These images represent 4 out of the 9 small portraits that I did for Nancy Mitter's fine arts portrait painting class. Nancy likes to put the huge project at the beginning of the semester so that her class doesn't compete with other classes end-of-term work.
These guys are all done on 14 x 20 panels that I built myself in the woodshop (cuz I'm handy like that).
The portraits were supposed to be autobiographical so I chose friends of mine from all over the world (because I like all things international) and everybody is holding an apple because I grew up
on a wee little apple orchard.
The models are (from the top down) Steve Corraliza, representing Puerto Rico, Raunaq Babbar, representing India, Ludwin Cruz, representing Honduras, and Shinichi Muto, representing Japan.
The crit for this project went really well for me. Nancy said that she thought I played to my strengths by choosing to do contrasty chiaroscuro renderings and she liked the narrative interest generated by the apples.
There's still a couple more apple people that aren't finished yet. You'll see more when I've got it


A.E. Kieren said...

oh also, I apologize for the bad photography on these images

Darren Lim Geers said...

Good Job