Monday, April 27, 2009

Joel Grothaus

this here is a portrait of Joel Grothaus I did for children's book illustration. It is a watercolor with ink

The imaginary client would be whoever it is that is publishing the "so you're going to be a grandma . . . " book that Joel has been working on these last few months. Its a proposed book-jacket illustration. Never mind the impracticality of having a book jacket illustration of an illustrator done by some other illustrator.

Check Joel out, he's in the blogroll.

Thursday, April 2, 2009


heres a blast from the past

this painting is from way back in 2008, but I only just now got around to properly documenting it and disseminating it throughout the internets

its my portrait of Kurt Vonnegut. The assignment was to do someone famous and meaningful to me, but who was dead. I almost didn't do Vonnegut because it seemed like such an obvious choice, but no matter how much I brainstormed, doing anybody else seemed insincere.

The Heartskull

So as you may recall i showed you the sketch for this one a few weeks back. This isn't the crop that we will be working with for the final edition, but this is how she turned out.
In case anybody wants to assign meaning to this, it pretty much means that I only think with my heart these days. What a sap, right?