Monday, November 30, 2009

The Return to Dr Sketchy's

Saturday night I found myself back in glorious Grand Rapids for the holiday weekend, and as luck would have it, Dr Sketchy's Anti-Art School was being conducted that Saturday at the Sazerac Lounge.
The model this time was a scrawny character going by the stage name "Big Little the Kid."
My only qualm would be that some of the poses were too much costume and not enough model for my tastes, but I still got some sketches I'm proud of out of it
and . . . I WON SOMETHING! I won two free passes to a movie for my sketch in the contest division "draw the model at a petting zoo"

Monday, November 23, 2009

Dream Analysis

This is my piece for Mr. Chuck Gillies book cover illustration course
It is an illustration for the cover of a hypothetical book about analysis of dreams.
I wanted to do an engaging portrait that is vaguely surreal and symbolic, but not too much
The model for the image was Mr Rafael Dos Santos, although this isn't the greatest likeness of him because I tried to make him look a bit younger and softer than Mr Dos Santos ordinarily would (as you can see in the sketch)

hope you like it, team

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Teaser Sketches

these are some preliminary sketches for some projects that are in the works. Yes, they are all portraits. But I promise they will have interesting things going on in their negative spaces, but you will have to check back for the finishes to find out what!