Wednesday, December 16, 2009

hot off the presses

For Cathy Gendron's Editorial Painting class we were assigned to create a cover for Franz Kafka's Metamorphosis.
After executing the illustration we had to compose a cover that included the title, author's name, and original illustration. I apologize for the cover. I had wet paint right up until the last minute, so the if the graphic design is lackluster . . . I spent all of 5 minutes on it (don't tell Cathy that).
As for the painting, I'm pretty pleased with it. Hope you like it, too.


Veronica Bayagich said...

Love the textures and brush strokes.

Aaron Rossell said...

Very cool painting--it definitely fits the subtle humor of the writing. What was the media process here? I like the warm lite brown area, looks like watercolor bleeds.

A.E. Kieren said...

well as far as media goes its pretty much a Heinz 57. Its oil paint on linocut print, mounted to panel. The linocut print was indeed handcolored with watercolor washes