Monday, December 7, 2009

Merry Christmas, Sports Fans!

way back in October, I produced an entry for the annual NFL Detroit Lions holiday card contest. I was procluded from posting it until after the contest results were in, so you are seeing it now. I figure tis the season anyway.
The Detroit Lions are a nightmare client. Its very corporate and limiting. You cannot say Merry Christmas, only the more inclusive phrase "happy holidays." No references to anything even remotely Christian will be tolerated. My proposals that involved peace doves were axed because there was too much room for Christian interpretation. While Jesus is not allowed for fear of offending the heathens, Santa is also totally off limits because he could offend the Christians. All characters peripheral to Santa (reindeer and elves) are also not allowed. Any depictions of children become extremely risky unless you have minorities represented, and not just a bunch of happy white kids.
This is the second time I've entered, and both times the project became more about avoiding disqualification than about winning.
This time I settled upon a simple and tasteful monotype in 3 colors. I was very pleased with the results. I usually struggle with registration in multi-color prints, but i managed to totally ace the registration this time.
In the end I didn't win, but my homeboy Jesse Martin Kassel did, so all is well this holiday season.

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