Friday, January 8, 2010

from the tail end of last semester

for my final image for my screenprinting studio I wanted to do something mixed-media, and I had the idea to screenprint decorative elements such as hair and jewelry, and then hand color faces inside of them.
I looked at a lot of classic childrens book stuff like Ivan Bilibin and then also got a little bit inspired by Mr Alphonse Mucha, from whom I borrowed the color scheme.
I used Christina el Haddad as a model, and I worked with several hand-colored facial expressions set inside the screenprinted hair and jewelry.
In the end, it was finals, I did a rush job on the hand coloring and ended up only being truly satisfied with one of the prints, but thats ok, it was a good experiment. Also, if I had it to do again I believe I would use ink for the hand linework, because the charcoal doesnt play as well texturally with the watercolor and screenprinting.
anyway, I hope you enjoy the piece


Sarah Ihrke said...

this is a beautiful piece Tony!

Kristina said...

Hey you! They still got Fogoros teaching screen printing?

Nice print. p.s.