Friday, February 5, 2010

The Goose Girl

For Mr Chuck Gillies Period Costume Illustration class (which is probably the most fun art class I ever took) our first assignment was something fairy-tale related and kid friendly for inclusion in the Michigan Society of Children's Book Illustrators annual student show.
I did an illustration for "The Goose Girl" by Brothers Grimm. It is the very sad tale of a princess who is forced, for a time, to do honest work.
The model was Jessica Newberry, and the geese i used as reference were a really interesting, exotic variety of goose called Egyptian Geese.


Karen said...


Lauren Moyer said...

Goose Girl!! I did that story for that class and show... Yours is much much better

A.E. Kieren said...

nooooo way
I wanna see that image!