Monday, February 15, 2010

Let's Save Michigan!

The DIA is exhibiting a show of posters from the Works Progress Administration and to go along with the exhibit they are co-sponsoring a poster design contest with the Let's Save Michigan organization. For the contest, the only requirement was that the poster feature the words "let's save Michigan" and that it be upbeat and positive in message, similar to the attitude of the WPA posters from the 1930s and 40s. We could choose whatever message we thought could be helpful to improve the state of Michigan. I chose a "celebrate Michigan agriculture" for my message and generated three posters.
Now, team, you know I am very self-conscious about graphic design, so I hope the type is working for you.
It is my understanding that the contest will go through an initial round of judging that will narrow the entries down to the top 25, after which time it will become open to public for voting. Shoul the time ever come, I will call upon you to vote for my design.


Lindsay said...

I think a better title would be, MICHIGAN: Where you can eat cherries until you get diarrhea!

A.E. Kieren said...

unless you have my digestive tract, in which case you can eat cherries indefinitely without ever experiencing such problems