Thursday, March 25, 2010


Hey team
a few weeks ago I mentioned an upcoming project for Mr Chuck Gillies period costume illustration class.
Well now it's finished!

As a challenge to myself I tried to paint with a brighter, more saturated palette for this piece. Ordinarily I paint in very muted colors, so this time I forced myself to go brighter by purchasing a swanky new tube of cerulean blue and I even used a couple squirts of that veridian green I despise so much.
I also experimented with collage in this piece but ended up painting over it before the day was through. I screenprinted a pattern of fish scales for the mermaid's tail, that I collaged in, with calamitous results. Lesson learned: unlike oil based inks for linocut printing, the waterbased screenprinting inks will run and fall apart when gone over with a brush of matte medium. Patterns fades, everything else gets muddied, and the whole thing looks a mess. Vigorous palette-knifing was needed to correct that failed experiment.
However, I now have a pile of pages of screenprinted fish scale pattern. I have an idea for a project that could utilize them, esp. now that I know I will have to treat the pages with crystal clear or some other fixative before they are touched by a wet brush.
I looked a lot at Cornwell for this piece, and though it had its trials, I am pleased with the results. In the end, there were several of my classmates who did images of pirates interacting with mermaids for this project, but I was the only one with the balls to do my mermaid tits out.


Lauren Moyer said...

ima going to buy one of yer paintins!

Aaron Rossell Illustration said...

I was thinking this looked a lot like a Cornwell study. Nice illustration, really admire your thorough referencing and prominent oil use. Also the tits out was a good call :)

Aaron Rossell Illustration said...

Also, it might be the photography, but I think you could push the saturation. There isn't an area that dominates well enough--like your shapes kind of even out in value. Just a thought...

Anna Lisa said...

i regret clicking on the tits link.

but very beautiful painting nevertheless

Angelo Rabbit said...

Very rad painting. Sucks that the scales didn't work out, but eh, it happens. Never the less, I would have never known that bit, and it still looks amazing.

A.E. Kieren said...

good tips, mr. rossell.
i really need the encouragement to go bright. when i paint, I seem to be constantly pushing myself to mute the colors more. Its also interesting you suggest I should push contrast, because I am also constantly trying to reign in my contrast as i paint, so maybe next time I should just go nutz with the contrast.

and anna lisa, i put that link in there so that YOU specifically would be suckered into navigating to juggworld. you fell for it hook line and sinker, did you not?