Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Hey Team

As many of you know, the internet makes it easy for people to steal images and use them without paying for them or even getting permission for them. This is the age we live in, and it makes it harder and harder every day to succeed as an illustrator because of folks like Dana Blankenhorn. In the original version of that post, the writer stole an image without permission or payment from the venerable Chris Buzelli. Buzelli caught it and demanded that it come down.
The Blankenhorn responded by removing it but not without some preachy tripe about how he believed he was doing a favor to the artist by using his image and providing him with exposure.
His choicest quote is this:

"This idea that one must gain permission before doing what comes
naturally on the Web has to end. You have the tools to stop it. Use

Mr Blankenhorn, like an unfortunate many people out there, thinks that it is his right to use art that he has stolen, because it is easy to steal. In further response to Buzelli, he posted this patronizing crap explaining how to install a watermark on an image. In that post he further expounds upon his belief that it is fair for him to steal that which has not been nailed down.

My response:
You cannot put the onus on the artist to protect their images from theft. Your logic seems to say that artists deserve to have their work stolen unless they go through steps to prevent it.
It reminds me of the old days when rapists could get away with it by saying that their female victims were asking for it by dressing provocatively and walking around alone.
If you leave the front door to your house unlocked, and it gets broken into, it is still an immoral and illegal act on the part of the burglar, not the homeowner.

Know your rights, team
Legally, the artist is the sole owner of all copyright privileges unless other signed agreements have been made.

I hope Buzelli sues if for no other reason than to give the Blankenhorn a thorough lesson in the law.

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Aaron Rossell Illustration said...

Did you catch his other post about how he can "thumbnail" the mona lisa without getting berated? Man, I've been following this garb too--he has so many issues. I hope someone will be able to explain it to him in a way he'll understand before the comments on his blog turn uglier.