Friday, May 14, 2010

Classic Hoobler

As you may know, Jessica Newberry and I are in an ultra-exclusive book club. It consists of just the two of us. We are currently reading The Party and Other Stories by Anton Chekhov.
During the school year, Jessica and I would discuss the current book selection in studio.
But sometimes we would get distracted and instead of talking about the book, we would end up inserting Chris Hoobler's name into the titles of classic works of literature.
For some reason, Chris didn't find this amusing, which I will never understand.
Here are a few of the new classics we came up with.
I am considering actually writing them, by inserting the character of Chris Hoobler into the existing content, a la Pride and Prejudice and Zombies.


Vincent said...

I don't even know Hoobler but that'd be awesome. Only you couldn't publish them because none of those books are in the public domain.

A.E. Kieren said...

i'm not really considering doing that. it's just a big goof. even the hemingway isn't public domain yet?