Saturday, June 12, 2010

my booth is awesome.

Hey team,
remember that whole thing about me going to that exorbitantly expensive graduate school in the already expensive New York City?
Obviously, I need to work hard this summer to raise funds.
So today I participated in the Newaygo County Council for the Arts Fine Art Festival in Fremont, MI
. . . and it went well!

I had some trepidation about doing an art fair at first. I had never done one before, and I wasn't sure I would be able to recoup my investment. I had spent some money on fabric and yard-sale furniture and, of course, the entry fee. I was worried that it might be disappointing, because I wasn't sure anyone in Fremont would be interested in say . . . a pseudo-spiritual portrait of a filipino dude they have never met, and my Philistine mom had admonished me repeatedly that "nobody in Newaygo county will want a picture of a topless mermaid with a pirate jamming a pistol into her crotch!"
And since I had never done one before, I was a bit worried that I would look like a tool compared to the art fair pros I would be parked next to. My worries turned out to be unsubstantiated, and my booth looked awesome.
That's my booth.
I got a lot of really good compliments and only one old dude who told me that I was a sick individual and that my art gave him the creeps. I believe the best gem of the day though came from a woman who said she loved the paintings and asked where I had gone to school. When I told her I had just graduated from CCS she smiled, made a knowing face and said "I thought this didn't look like Kendall."There we have a bunch of my old prints looking for new homes.
And that is my ribbon for BEST IN SHOW. In addition to my modest sales, I won a modest cash prize for having been named Best in Show by the jurist, which will make a lovely feather in my cap for the old resume.
At the end of the day, I didn't get rich, but my investment was recouped and I passed out a lot of business cards to people in whose ears I put bugs about getting portrait commissions done by me. I also was able to leave a few of the pieces that didn't sell with NCCA who will place it in the gallery for the summer and try to sell it on consignment.
So remember team, recommend me for portrait commissions and other stuff, so I can pay my rent when I get to Brooklyn :)


Matthew Kobylarek said...

Your booth looks excellent. I wish I could have gotten out to see it. That dresser you painted is amazing too. Did you end up selling it?

Angelo Rabbit said...

This looks great man!

Veronica Bayagich said...


A.E. Kieren said...

the dresser did not sell (yet), but there was a bookshelf inside the booth that did sell