Friday, June 25, 2010

our venue is secured

phew. what a relief.
Gordie and I have officially secured a venue for ArtPrize. This is very good, because I was really starting to worry. We had been offered a spot right off the bat by a very strong venue, but those turds who shall remain nameless renegged on their offer, in a manner most unprofessional which wasted a lot of our precious time. That left me scrambling to find a new venue, from the less civilized western parts of Ireland, no less.
Fortunately for me, Gordie and I are both alumni of GRCC, and a former professor of ours hooked us up with some nice real estate on the library patio at Grand Rapids Community College. I like this venue because that patio is perched at the very top of the hill in Grand Rapids, so our piece is going to be set against a really great view of the city. And, although it is a little bit of a walk from the busiest parts of ArtPrize, school will be in session, so at the very least GRCC's 20,000 odd students will be exposed to it.
You can now view me and Gordie's proposal on the ArtPrize website here.

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