Thursday, July 1, 2010

my new baby

En route to Ireland, my old digital camera officially died. It had been a low grade model to begin with, and had been on its last lesg for some time anyway. Then the baggage handlers for Continental went above and beyond kicking the shit out of my bag, so when I arrived in Ireland I had a fracked up camera and had to steal my mom's camera for the rest of the trip to take pictures with.

I was due for an upgrade anyway! I took the money from the sale of scarecrow, (and a skosh more) to buy a superdope Canon Rebel T2i digital SLR with 18-55mm lens. My principal need for an upscale camera is for documenting work. When I work too large for a flatbed scanner,I have to be able to photograph the work, and you need a supersharp camera to accurately capture the details of a painting for reproduction. I forced the salesguy to set up tripod and lighting so we could photograph a 2d poster in the store, then throw it on a computer and review the pixel data, to make sure the lens and camera were both sufficient. And baby, that shit was HOT. This camera sees things 1000 fold more clearly then the illustration department camera I used to use at CCS to document.

Now photographers, please don't patronize. I'm sure your cameras are better. Congratulations. But for my budget, I am very happy with this camera.

And all my illustration homeskillets, call me up next time you paint something too big to scan. You are no longer a slave to scanner-bed dimensions, I'm hooking you up.

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Vaughan Ling said...

purely for work sure sure.... Enjoy your new toy :)

If it helps any yours is better than my SLR hehe