Thursday, August 12, 2010

the griffins are growing

hey team,
the griffins that Gordie and I have been building for ArtPrize are starting to really take shape.
As well they had better at this point, seeing as how we are drastically overbudget and Im supposed to move to Brooklyn in all of nine days.
I love a good deadline.

there you see Mr. Gordie Zalewski of legion design working on the papier mache for as-yet-unnamed griffin #1.

There you have griffin #1 with the skeleton for griffin #2. The armature bases are constructed out of 2x4's and conduit. And, at long last, the first pages of silkscreened animal textures

Anyway, we now have a facebook page also where you can follow our progress and where we can spam you with irritating notes about how you need to text us your votes so we can get that cash.
Also, should any of you find yourselves in the Grand Rapids area in the next few days and would care to help out, we need all the hands we can get. We have started to learn that papier mache is actually intensely time consuming. We are prepared to pay you in beer and sub sandwiches.

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