Thursday, September 23, 2010

ArtPrize has begun!

Well, as I mentioned in the last post, the griffins got damaged in the storm the night before the grand opening of ArtPrize. I was up all night on the phone with my people back in Michigan trying to figure out how to get them fixed and then I spent all day Wednesday on the phone in between classes getting updated on the progress. All three griffins were blown over onto their sides in the storm, and suffered cracks and other damage to their wings. In the spots where they were damaged, their weatherproofing got compromised (they got wet), and therein lay the real rub of the situation. Until the damage could dry out, it couldn't be repaired, because we can't seal them up still wet inside. To further frustrate this, at the time, the weather report was predicting intermittent rain for the next three days. Blessedly, the weather stayed clear on wednesday long enough for my mom and sisters and some other helpers to go and spend three hours blowdrying the griffins wounds so they could be patched and resealed. By the time I got back to Grand Rapids this afternoon, the damage had been almost entirely repaired.

SO, I sit grateful that the damage was not worse, and now we can all just relax and enjoy ArtPrize. I didn't have much time to explore but I did get a chance to walk around a bit. Expect more photos tomorrow, but in the meantime enjoy these thoughts on ArtPrize
This is the courtyard of the Cooley Law School. They are directly across the sreet from Legion Design studios. Gordie and I had been interested in exhibiting there, so we went over there during venue matching to personally introduce ourselves and request their hosting space. They never got back with us. Apparently because they were too interested in hosting these giant dildoes:
This is around the corner from Legion Design studios. While it is common for ArtPrize artists to pass out fliers and postcards with their vote number, this is the first actual billboard I have seen.
This sort of thing only feeds the criticism of ArtPrize when people say that it is not an art competition, but an advertising competition. Also lending to that is this:

This fellow was in Rosa Parks circle with televisions physically strapped onto his person. I thought this was his actual entry, since performance and time-based pieces are allowed albeit uncommon. But no, this was just an elaborate promotion to encourage people to go see whatever his real entry is, several blocks away.

And now, I give you, all three griffins, finished, damaged, refinished, and on display at last in 2010 ArtPrize:


Trip Carroll said...

Let's see some bigger pictures of your griffins.

A.E. Kieren said...

working on it