Friday, September 10, 2010

costume sketch night @ society of illustrators

Hey team,
as you may well know, every Tuesday and Thursday Society of Illustrators hold sketch night. Tuesdays is nude, Thursdays is costumed. Its got fun live music, excellent models, and a reasonably priced cash bar. I frequented it with some regularity last summer. Now that I am in New York for good, I intend to go whenever possible.
I hit it up last night, and here are some doodles for you.
warm ups:
5 minutes:10 minutes:

20 minutes:
that one stinks up the joint a bit. I made the head a little bit too big and sort of accidentally gave her a man's face. And not just any man's face, either. Now that I look at it, I totally drew the face of my friend Joe Bierma, which is odd, I must admit.
This one is a darn shame. I'm pleased with the way I drew the figure, but that head! barf! I erased and started over and that I think only made it worse. It certainly doesn't help that I switched to a black prismacolor to redo the head.
That sketch reminds me of when I was in high school I used to doodle these nice imaginary figures, but I was afraid to do the faces because I didn't think I could do them well, so rather than ruin a nice figure with a terrible face, I would draw animal's heads on them. I sort of wish I had done that here.
There. That's much improved.
Last pose of the evening:


Vincent said...

Dude, that conversation we had at Mulligans about the difference between drawing men and women validated everything I've ever felt toward the issue. Keep powering through it; you're doin just fine despite your self-consciousness. I'm workin on it myself too, but I doubt I'd ever be comfortable enough to post the progress for others to see!

Trip Carroll said...


Let me know next time you go. I'd really like to join you.

A.E. Kieren said...

most definitely good sir