Sunday, September 26, 2010

more ArtPrize highlights

I was only in town for precious little time this week, so I didn't get to see all or even most of ArtPrize, but here are some highlights and thoughts on what I did get to see.
the handsomely designed guide book
I don't know the name of the entry or the artist that did the above piece, but I think it should become a permanent part of the Grand Rapids cityscape.
This piece of Jewelry was done by one of the aunts.

This near life sized pair of giraffes was executed by Lori Hough, who is a friend of my moms and I have known her for a long time. She gave me and Gordie some pointers on large-scale papier mache that was very helpful in making the griffins.
Oh well would you look at that! A photo of my friend Audria, a.k.a. Vivacious Miss Auduacious. I'm not surprised. She's a great model. I have used her before myself.

I liked this dollhouse village. It can be seen at Fountain Street Church. Vote for it here.
I saw this and though "Malcolm Liepke entered ArtPrize!" But nay, this painter is just an accolyte of Liepke's. She admits it in her statement. Thats ok though, since I myself have been known to be a great admirer of Mr. Liepke.
I really thought this was great. It's a prototype for a bicycle design. Not only do I think it's a great proposal, but I think it's unusual and pretty grand for something that falls more under the category of industrial design to be displayed alongside sculpture and painting. Vote for it here.

This is the infamous Steampig.

This here is a living statue. I prefer not to directly say anything negative about it, I will only say that in the brilliant and hilarious film Hot Fuzz, the local community considered the living statue in their town so tacky that they murdered it.
These steampunk robotic butterflies were one of my favorite pieces that I saw.
And they move! I apologize for the too brief and too crappy video, but I wanted to show them in motion
The butterflies can be seen at the UICA. Vote for them here.



Nati said...

Hola vengo desde mis blog:"LOS CUENTOS DE NATI" y "LOS PREMIOS DE NATI"
para decirte que todo lo que he podido ver aquí es muy bueno e interesante.
He decidido quedarme como seguidora para así poder con tranquilidad todo lo bueno que pase por aquí.
Te felicito por tu blog, por lo que has conseguido y por lo que estoy segura consegiras.
Hasta npronto, tu ya sabes donde encontrarme, besos Nati.

Kayleen Ylitalo-Horsma said...

Thanks for a 'highlight' on your great blog- I am honored! In relation to your 'Malcolm Liepke comment' ...have been asked often if I studied w/ him or Milt Kobayashi,....this tells me that I have much work left to get my own 'branding'......but none the less...thank you again...hope you don't mind if I link over to your blog. Best of luck to you..... Kayleen Horsma