Thursday, September 16, 2010

sketchy sketch sketch at the met

hey team,
last night in the first official class of my graduate painting studio, our professor (taking a deconstructive approach) had us draw lit cubes and spheres in charcoal for 3 hours. It was like a freshman drawing class, and while I didn't completely embarrass myself, it was also not my finest hour.
thankfully, I was able to restore my self-esteem a wee bit today, when our writing workshop professor sent us to the met, which is one of my all time favorite places to sketch!
even though I have been to the met dozens of times, today I found significantly large rooms that I had never before come across, including one of my new favorite spots, the visible storage gallery.
Here are the doodles from today:
Panther and Cubs, by Edward Kemeysbust of Paul Wayland Bartlett, by Clinton Ogilviedid not bother to keep the info on the following


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