Tuesday, November 2, 2010

halloween in NYC: trippy night photography

Halloween in this city rules! My best homeslice Shinichi wanted to walk in the parade, and since it is his last week in America before starting his fancy new job in Shanghai, I went along with it.
I was dressed as Caligula,so I pretty much froze my nards off, but it was still good times.
Here are some pics I got of the other colorful characters at the w. village parade.
My camera isn't really set up for night photography right now (and I'm not a professional photographer), so the pics came out a little psychadelic, a little Francis Bacon-y. Sometimes it worked out, sometimes not.
Hope you like these:the nautilus under attack by giant squid!

adorable things!


the mime! (always such a great h-ween costume)

human pot leaf!

masquerade lady!

. . . and I thought I was cold.

zombies in love!


exposed breasts!

Shinichi Muto as panda!

asian female phantom of the opera!

bird thing!


asian Alex from A Clockwork Orange!


A deserted street after the parade. :(

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