Wednesday, November 3, 2010

my page for the baby book

hey team,
as some of you CCS weenies may know, my homeslice Brian Remillard is expecting a special delivery in a couple of weeks.
It's a boy, and they are going to name him Dexter. Brian invited a lot of the gang from CCS to contribute pages to a book he is putting together for his babymama and the offspring.
It's supposed to be a surprise for his girlfriend, so I considered not posting this yet, but then I remembered oh yeah! nobody ever reads my blog! So I'm posting it here for you RIGHT NOW!As you know, I do not often do cutesy, kiddy stuff, but it's for the children this time. And I also don't often do comics, but since Brian is one of the best inkers CCS has ever seen, I thought it appropriate this time.
As you see, I have charged young Dexter personally with saving the rainforest in his lifetime. If I never accomplish anything else in my pathetic career, I hope that Dexter goes out and saves the planet and wins the Nobel Prize and some day tells some journalist

" . . . I don't remember his name, but some worthless drunk that once knew my father made a comic that said I was destined to save the rainforest some day, and that influenced me just a little bit"

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