Saturday, November 6, 2010

nood of the week

hey team,
this week we had the same meticulously manscaped model for painting studio. The boss wanted a standing pose this time, and told us we had to capture the figure from head to knees at least. Since I brought a piddly little 16 x 20 canvas, that meant I had to paint the head in at 3 inches, which is rather small for my tastes. Not my favorite thing in the world, but as fortune had it I had invested in some detailing brushes earlier that day so it more or less worked out.
Last week I toned my canvas with bright blue, and it failed to scandalize anyone. So this week I toned the panel in my trusty old green. Like I did here, here and here. I am thinking of toning all my panels for this class in a different outrageous color every week (in the name of science). Do please check back in for the results of this experiment.
So, team, here is this week's very patriotic composition, of a very naked man:

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