Monday, December 6, 2010

my studio as gallery

this week is scholarship review over here at MFA illustration. We all had to clean up our studios and dress the walls with everything we have done this semester.I remember when my senior wall went up for graduation at CCS, it was kinduva bummer to see $120,000 boiled down to six feet of wall space. This time, it is the opposite. Instead of money spent, these walls represent the possibility of money to come, depending on how the faculty reviews go.

Ordinarily I would tell you to check back to learn how it went, but since scholarships amounts are awarded arbitrarily, we are forbidden to ever speak of how much we got or didn't get. So, team, you will never know if or how much of a scholarship I got. Therefore, you should assume the worst and go to my Etsy shop and buy something RIGHT NOW so I can buy this claybord stuff that the Titolo is making us work on this week.

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