Friday, December 3, 2010

nude of the week- Mr. Clean

this week in painting studio our model was sanitation spokesmascot Mr. Clean!

for those of you keeping score on the toning experiment, this one was toned in green again. I realize that that is somewhat of a betrayal of the experiment, since I paint on green all the time and I know it works, but I had splurged on a fancy-shmancy 15 x 30 canvas and I didn't want to eff it up like that time I tried toning it in pink. Barf.
per usual, this one is for sale, and it's a good one. The tall narrow format makes it perfect for placing above a toilet in a cramped bathroom or the like. Also thanks to that carefully placed foot it's suitably G-rated. Perfect for your dentist's waiting rooms and whathaveyou.
Need I remind you that by purchasing you help keep me fed and watered. I'm wasting away to nothing here, team.

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