Wednesday, February 23, 2011

S of I sketchnight

Hey team,
perhaps I have mentioned I have resumed my old internship in the permanent collection at Society of Illustrators. They asked me back, and I figured since no one else was lining up to gainfully employ me, I might as well be hanging out at Society and taking advantage of the events there and satisfying my fetish for original Leyendeckers.
Last night I went to their sketch night, which was grand. We had a male model who looked a bit like Devendra Banhart and was so scrawny that all my sketches of him have an Egon Schiele feel. So that was fun. I only stayed for the 5's and 10's though because I had to meet Kikkomonster downtown for dinner later on.

2 min warmups:

5 minutes:
10 minutes:

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