Thursday, March 31, 2011

the leave-behind

Going tonight to a meeting with an art director for Penguin Group publishing.
No time for portfolio reviews, but we can do leave-behinds.
My leave-behind is a scented candle.
my portfolio smells like sandalwood.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

the Columbia Lion

a friend of a friend is running for student government at Columbia. I was asked to do a lion with the Columbia crown for campaign materials.

It's good to hook people up. Especially Columbia people. They have a tendency to go on in life and be very successful and influential . . .

I hope he wins!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Friday, March 18, 2011

nood of the month

hey team,
todays nudey-doodle celebrates the triumphant return of Santiago!
this month I spent a full three weeks on this figure painting, and how nice to be able to paint at such a relaxed pace. Usually I have to paint away as fast as my little fingers will go, but this month I got to be lazy. What is also nice is that Santiago is the only model we have competent enough to hold a standing pose, and as though the stars were aligned just so I arrived to class on the first day of the pose with a tall skinny canvas.
I am quite pleased with how this one came out. the skin tone is more chromatic than even I usually go, but I don't think I over-rainbowed it (as the students of the great Nancy Mitter were often wont to do back at CCS). My favorite part is the cast shadow. It's shape has a Lautrec flavor to it that I am quite pleased with.
As always, this is for sale on the Etsy (and OH BOY do I ever need the cash). Since I spent 9 hours and not 3 on it, I will be asking the king's ransom of $220. *gasp*
it is 15 x 30 inches and would look great in YOUR bathroom or kitchen.

p.s. Nancy Mitter doesn't have a website apparently. That's so oldschool!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

the (completed) head of Carl Titolo

well team,
I showed you the marionette head I was sculpting of Mr. Carl Titolo
when last you saw it it was merely sculpted,
well now it is painted and flocked, done!
all he needs now is a body (wearing a paint-streaked sweatsuit with a bandana around the neck) and rigging and then I can make some fun videos for the interwebs!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

another visual pun

ladies and gentlemen,

An Appointment in the Dreamworld
by A.E. Kieren, 2011

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Kenneth the Page

Dear team,
it's no secret that I love 30 Rock, and as all my facebook stalkers well know I got to visit the set of 30 Rock not too long ago in a professional capacity (as a puppeteer's assistant). An early frontrunner for best moment of 2011 was getting my picture taken with Jack McBrayer who plays my favorite human being who ever lived, Kenneth the that I have a photograph of a recognizable public figure to which I own the exclusive copyright, I made this little doodle:and so now I need all of you 30 Rock superfans to go RIGHT NOW to my Etsy and buy the original so I can eat this month. Thank you.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

before they are consigned to the flames . . .

hey team,
my studio space had gotten filthy of late, and since I am on spring break this week I made my first order of business to thoroughly clean and reorganize it.
Of course that means some of the art, like ugly, unclaimed little puppies at the pound, will have to be put down. Sad but true. The joint is too cluttered up. I will be posting some of the things for sale on the Etsy if you just can't bear to see these pictures thrown away, but some things are going to get chucked and that's that.
Like all these gorillas that the Titolo made us do. As you recall, he wanted us to just obsess over objects and draw them from every angle at every size and in every media, including the dime-sized gorilla toys he got for all of us.
Well it was fun, but with the price of real estate in Manhattan, they simply cannot stay.
But I figured they were at least worth scanning and sharing just this once before they are tossed.

the Armory

some highlights from the Armory show this weekend :A rabbit egg by Jane Canfield

I can't afford a Fernando Botero of my own at this point, but someday . . .

this handsome functional miniature gate by Wim Delvoye is also on my wishlist this Christmas

did you know that Jim Dine also sculpts hearts?
I also can't afford a Giorgio Da Chirico yet either. Maybe this one will still be available by the time I hit baller status.
I forgot to write down the name of this artist, but FUN!
very beautiful prints by Mequitta Ahuja, represented by Galerie Obadia in Paris, France.

again, I failed to write down the info on this artist, but it's from a gallery in Turkey. I at least remember that much.
A flock of sheep by Remy Markowitsch

this I considered notable because they used gargoyles to hang the painting. I WANT THAT!

Friday, March 4, 2011

my little piggy

Hey team,
for my rad new book I will have a flying pig as a recurring character. Since nothing makes my job easier than quality reference and props, and since incidentally I am in a class on figure sculpting for illustrators, I am building myself a pig.
So here we have her head. I wanted to photograph her when she still had the rough-hewn sculpted quality about her, even though I intend to polish her up before casting.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

harrassing Hoobler

Ya know what I haven't done in a while, team?
I haven't created any new hybrid literary masterpieces about dear Chris Hoobler!
Here are some exciting new titles in the series
Of course I miss my whole pack, and this week I got a little sentimental and for some reason thought of about a dozen extra-funny new instaclassics. I don't have the time to sit around photoshopping fake book covers all day, so you will have to wait around and catch them in a more staggered release.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

naked ladies

Hey team,
went to sketch night at S of I again last night, and as always it was great. Very, very good musical stylings last night, in fact.
Anyhoo, I never have time in my life to do things like show up to sketch night a half hour early and get the best seats. As a result, I tend to be in the third row, and so I can't usually see the model's feet. I hate leaving the feet off and I don't want to be accused of deliberately avoiding the feet because I'm such a hack. I wish sketch night was a talentocracy in which I could show up ten minutes after the poses commenced and toss someone out of the front row for doing stick figures, but it's just that sort of progressive thinking that the world isn't ready for.

5 mins:
10 mins:

20 mins: