Friday, March 18, 2011

nood of the month

hey team,
todays nudey-doodle celebrates the triumphant return of Santiago!
this month I spent a full three weeks on this figure painting, and how nice to be able to paint at such a relaxed pace. Usually I have to paint away as fast as my little fingers will go, but this month I got to be lazy. What is also nice is that Santiago is the only model we have competent enough to hold a standing pose, and as though the stars were aligned just so I arrived to class on the first day of the pose with a tall skinny canvas.
I am quite pleased with how this one came out. the skin tone is more chromatic than even I usually go, but I don't think I over-rainbowed it (as the students of the great Nancy Mitter were often wont to do back at CCS). My favorite part is the cast shadow. It's shape has a Lautrec flavor to it that I am quite pleased with.
As always, this is for sale on the Etsy (and OH BOY do I ever need the cash). Since I spent 9 hours and not 3 on it, I will be asking the king's ransom of $220. *gasp*
it is 15 x 30 inches and would look great in YOUR bathroom or kitchen.

p.s. Nancy Mitter doesn't have a website apparently. That's so oldschool!

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