Monday, May 30, 2011

some hand lettering

well folks, times is hard. as such, I have a gig waiting tables in a restaurant (befitting someone halfway through his third degree)

they let me do the chalkboard, and I'm really quite lucky to have a job that lets me spend sometimes as much as 45 minutes on the clock just playing around doodling fishes with chalk . . .

obviously, I'm no Elizabeth Baddeley, but hand lettering is rather fun, no?

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

the Wolf Pack reconvenes

hurray! since I have to go home anyway for a wedding in June, I will be hosting the Wolf Pack at my cabin, where we will relive the glory days from CCS and see if our hilarious voice impersonations of our old professors have gotten rusty or not in the last year.
I'm expecting to see such luminaries there as Brian Remillard (assuming the wife and baby haven't made him too lame), Patrick Tausney, Ben Colin Cloutier, Angelo Aquino, Matt Kobylarek, Chris Hoobler, Jessica Newberry, and MORE!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

my secret PLAYBOY submission

hey team
as you may know, every year PLAYBOY magazine (perhaps you've heard of it?) hosts a closed competition between the elite 40 students of the MFA illustration department at SVA to illustrate their college fiction competition. I just wrapped and submitted my entry and unfortunately, since this is for publication, I can't share it with you here on this blog, at least until such time as the results of the contest are known. Godwilling, I will just win the whole shebang and you will see it in print. Either way when it comes out you should pick it up because the story that won is really great and whichever one of us ends up with the winning illustration will have surely made a killer image too.

Although I can't show my entry to you, I can tell you that the aesthetic I was shooting for, because I'm all about class and good taste, was "James Bond opening credit sequence"
like this:

or this:

ya know, with some booby lady silhouettes and pseudo-phalluses littered about, and then also a dash of blaxploitation, because theres a little of that feel in the story

Saturday, May 14, 2011


after reviewing my options, I believe I have decided to use Deidre's horrible beagle, Montey, as the model for my playboy piece
this is a sketch. I think the dog will only be a very minor element in my piece anyway

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

there something familiar about that . . .

this is a promotional image of Kirsten Dunst for Melancholia, the new Lars Von Trier film premiering this week at Cannes.

and this:
is a painting I did in early 2010.

I think I will probably like this movie.


home for a couple days, and doing a little image research on dogs for the PLAYBOY project

Friday, May 6, 2011

Gil's fancy-shmancy award!

hey team
last night, Gil Ashby, my senior advisor from good ole' College for Creative Studies was given the award for Distinguished Educator of the Year by Society of Illustrators. He was presented with the award in a packed house as part of the ceremony for the student scholarship competition.

He was introduced by none other than the venerable Marshall Arisman.

accepted the award from Scott Bakal (did you know Scott Bakal was a former student of Gil's as well? 'tis true.)me and Tony DeVito were both there representing illustration @CCS.

Marshall having a laugh with Gil's mother

That's me! I'm really proud of this picture, three generations of educators and students

other notables were there too. here we have Marcos Chin and Yuko Shimizu.

Rudy Gutierrez, a personal favorite of mine.

Mr and Mrs Eric Fowler (with Billout)

Oh and isn't this rich? Here we have Marshall with Maelle Doliveux, one of the noobs from next years incoming class over here at MFA illustration

the second years' big opening

hey team,
last night was the opening reception for the MFA Illustration as Visual Essay class of 2011 Thesis Exhibition.

Everybody was there. Classmates! Faculty! Illustrious alumni! Various other prominent illustrators!

papa bear Will Varner and Minjin Lee!

more papa bear!

Tony DiMauro and his lady!

Hyesu and Ben Voldman!

cualquier maldito español cuidando la mesa de mercancía