Friday, May 6, 2011

Gil's fancy-shmancy award!

hey team
last night, Gil Ashby, my senior advisor from good ole' College for Creative Studies was given the award for Distinguished Educator of the Year by Society of Illustrators. He was presented with the award in a packed house as part of the ceremony for the student scholarship competition.

He was introduced by none other than the venerable Marshall Arisman.

accepted the award from Scott Bakal (did you know Scott Bakal was a former student of Gil's as well? 'tis true.)me and Tony DeVito were both there representing illustration @CCS.

Marshall having a laugh with Gil's mother

That's me! I'm really proud of this picture, three generations of educators and students

other notables were there too. here we have Marcos Chin and Yuko Shimizu.

Rudy Gutierrez, a personal favorite of mine.

Mr and Mrs Eric Fowler (with Billout)

Oh and isn't this rich? Here we have Marshall with Maelle Doliveux, one of the noobs from next years incoming class over here at MFA illustration

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