Wednesday, May 18, 2011

my secret PLAYBOY submission

hey team
as you may know, every year PLAYBOY magazine (perhaps you've heard of it?) hosts a closed competition between the elite 40 students of the MFA illustration department at SVA to illustrate their college fiction competition. I just wrapped and submitted my entry and unfortunately, since this is for publication, I can't share it with you here on this blog, at least until such time as the results of the contest are known. Godwilling, I will just win the whole shebang and you will see it in print. Either way when it comes out you should pick it up because the story that won is really great and whichever one of us ends up with the winning illustration will have surely made a killer image too.

Although I can't show my entry to you, I can tell you that the aesthetic I was shooting for, because I'm all about class and good taste, was "James Bond opening credit sequence"
like this:

or this:

ya know, with some booby lady silhouettes and pseudo-phalluses littered about, and then also a dash of blaxploitation, because theres a little of that feel in the story

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