Thursday, October 6, 2011

An Appointment in the Dreamworld

hey team,
An Appointment in the Dreamworld is now entirely concluded and on display at the SVA gallery on 21st and 3rd ave.
When asked if I'm pleased with it, I can say only that I'm not entirely embarassed by it. I regret certain elements of the graphic design (because I had to design these pages in a matter of hours to meet my deadline, and theres a lot of things that ought to have been thought through a little better).
Design not withstanding, I am very proud of approximately 80% of the art contained within, and the actual book prototype itself (laborious fabricated by hand) turned out quite nice. And to think! I thought that bookbinding class at CCS would never come in handy!
For those of you stranded in Michigan and South Carolina and Guadalajara who will be unable to come see it in person, I am posting it in its entirety here.


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