Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Moto images

some doodles of my pal and neighbor, Andrew Matsumoto
that there is a portrait just for fun

and that was an illo for Stocks and Commodities magazine that Mr Matsumoto was good enought to pose for me for

Tuesday, November 20, 2012


this is an invitation I designed and arted for some Brooklyn ladies.
They gave me free range to do as I wished, and I told them I wanted to do a pulp cover film noir poster treatment
Stephanie Dixon Shannon Brunette Pulp Noir Danger Women
this is the completed postcard front image
Stephanie Dixon Danger Women
 this is a detail of the ink drawing I did of model Stephanie that was later digitally composed into the invite

as you can see, I borrowed some of the dress (and general mood) from this old shot of Rita Hayworth

and for Shannon's hair I lifted this hairstyle from an old photo of Veronica Lake

this is the Postcards backside
the typeface is called Betty Noir

Thursday, November 15, 2012

the Franks

variations on a theme, portraits of the super funny Frank Liotti

Saturday, November 10, 2012

mini reunion

last night was the party for this years annual of American Illustration, and so for the alumni of MFA Illustration at SVA, it can function as a mini reunion
Pat Kinsella, A.E. Kieren, Nichole Senter, John Malta, Jessica Haejeon Lee, Charles Chaisson

Charles Chaisson Natalya Balnova
Charles and Natalya Balnova

Chemin Hsiao Aya Kakeda

Aya Kakeda A.E. Kieren
Me and Aya

My heart skipped a beat upon meeting Andre Da Loba

Rafael Alvarez, eBad, and Charles

what's this fun surprise?!?! the delightful Jongmee Kim from my old alma mater,

and there were dozens more, but I got my drink on and forgot to take pictures of everyone. OOPS.