Wednesday, January 9, 2013

late holiday cards

yesterday afternoon I had some pals over to my abode in Williamsburg to make cards as thank yous or late holiday cards for folks. I think its nice to get a late holiday card because its slightly more memorable (what a lame excuse! no I just got busy and lazy before Christmas). So my peeps came over and we cracked some wine and talked about our romantic problems while we made cards. here's a few of my creations
I stitched some fabric onto the cover of a blank card. My only regret is that the fabric wasnt trimmed nicer. I need to invest in a rotary cutter.

this is just a fashion photo i exacto'd and gluesticked onto a blank card, then gave her a glitter halo. Im sending that to my beloved penpal in Brazil

I used the dear, dear Carl Titolo's eraser stamp technique to make these cards. the image is supposed to be a convivial wine glass, but it kind of became more of an abstract thing.

I found a stack of old french and italian Vogue's getting dumpstered in my neighborhood, so we sliced them up and made custom envelopes out of them, which is really easy and in fact borrowd from a Martha Stewart tutorial

I made this card to send to my darling friend Hayley in San Francisco. She sends the best cards, and I do a poor job of hitting he back most of the time