Monday, September 19, 2011

El Surfero

hey team
so, this year I am doing ArtPrize again, just something less ambitious this time. I tried to think of a personal project I would have wanted to do anyway and just needed an excuse to take the time to do it (of which there were many to choose from)
As some of you may know, a few years back in Mexico I survived a near-drowning off a beach in Puerto Vallarta. I was rescued by a surfer, and so this is an image about that nameless surfer who I was never even able to thank and whose name I don't know.
I started this turkey about a year ago, and had my friend Erick model for it because he had the perfect look (although he is Costa Rican and doesn't appreciate being cast as a Mexican)

the piece will be on display throughout ArtPrize at Pub 43 on Division

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