Monday, November 28, 2011

whats going on

dear team
surely you are on pins and needles wondering why I haven't been posting. It has been a month without a post.
Well, my reasons are varied. I assure you that I am doing work. Lots of it. So much in fact that I don't have time to be blogging and posting. Also, the grand majority of the work I have been doing has been for my masters thesis, Heartworms, and my thesis advisor the one-and-only Mirko Ilic has commanded me NOT to post things for the thesis because it could compromise their publishability later on etc

So although no one ever reads this blog, I want to apologize to my imaginary readers and assure them/you that not only is there much that I would like to post but also

a) I dont know that I have ever been this prolific
b) I have never been happier with my work (or had more fun) than I have here with Heartworms.
and c) I don't think I have ever done such personal work

the day is coming very soon when you will be able to see what I have been up to. I intend to self-publish the first batch of Heartworms in January. Until then, know that I love my team and I will post what I can when I can

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