Wednesday, July 28, 2010

a summer portrait

I told you I was trying to get work done this summer, now I can prove it.
Like I said before, I am entering ArtPrize in the fall in collaboration with Gordon Zalewski of Legion Design. As part of our marketing for our entry, I decided I would do portraits of the artists. I have finished the portrait of Gordie, and I present it to you now here:
Yes, I am still working the gimmick of painting with patterned fabric collage, like I did here, here, and here. And I couldn't resist busting out my tube of solid gold either.
One important thing to note, is that I used my sexy new camera to photograph this painting AND DAMN THAT SHIT IS FINE! It catches the detail almost as sharply as a scanner and the color fidelity is spot on.
Now at some point I will have to do a self-portrait for our marketing, which is a truly daunting task. Over the years in art school I have been made to do a half-dozen or so self-portraits, and its always a mess.

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