Monday, August 16, 2010

teamwork makes the dreamwork

hey team,
there have been a lot of hands on deck helping with the laborious stages of papier macheing these 8-foot griffins with 14 foot wingspans. They are growing up so fast it makes me whistful for their heady days of youth. thats my little sister still getting that second coat of papier mache on the underbelly of griffin #1.

Young Saxton, being paid in beer, for the messy work of papier mache.
my partner in this endeavor, Gordon Zalewski of Legion Design, priming griffin #1 to recieve the screenprinted textures (which I must say look damn fine).
Young Saxton lacked the fortitude to papier mache, so he was reassigned to priming griffin #1.

Mr. Jacob Perry helping out with the application of papier mache. You may note that griffin #2 has a falcon's head with ram's horns.

There were some shenannigans, and Jacob got slimed with papier mache mix. Its messy work.

Also, team, I should mention today was a very unusual day of work down at Legion Design studios, because there is a movie filming in downtown Grand Rapids, called 30 Minutes or Less. They have cordoned off a 12 black area in downtown to shoot some kind of car chase or some shiz, and the studio is basically in the center of that. So when we arrived to get to work today, we had to park a bajillion miles away, and then to get to the studio on foot had to argue with 10 different bitchy production assistants to let us cross the street.

That was certainly charming. The crew will be filming again tomorrow, but with beer we have purchased the loyalty of certain production assistants , so we should be able to get through.

One nice thing about the movie filming here, is that it will actually be set in Grand Rapids too. SO thats nice.

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