Tuesday, April 5, 2011

the piggies are multiplying

hey team,
surely you will recall the piggy I sculpted. I made a silicon mold and have cast some more heads in resin.
Due to the realities of moldmaking, the ears had to be cast separately from the rest of the head and rejoined after the fact. The tusks are too small to cast and will have to be individually sculpted then attached.
The most important of these castings is the one that will go on the front of a full body sculpture that will serve as reference for oodles of images for An Appointment in the Dreamworld.
But this silicon mold is good for up to 15 castings. This head is just under 3 inches long, so I would like to cast heads, paint and finish them, then mount them on little wooden medallions like wee taxidermied heads. I want to make one for Marshall, one for Michael, one for Randy, and one for my poor suffering mother.
Anybody else that wants one (and who wouldn't!) ought e-mail me and toss me a couple bucks because the resins and silicons and my precious time are not cheap.

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