Sunday, February 20, 2011

an announcement

"Crabapple" by A.E. Kieren, 2011

Hey team,
now that I am at last forever freed of the Yiddish curses project, the time has come for us to discuss my next major ongoing project. For the next two terms I will be working on a children's book of a sort tentatively titled An Appointment in the Dreamworld.
I daren't tell you too much about it because I want to give myself some latitude to let the creative process ebb and flow, and also should the time come that it is published I want you to be obliged to buy it. And nobody's going to buy the ice cream truck if I'm giving away the popsicles for free (tee hee).
I will tell you that this book will have a lot of double meanings and riddles and allegory and other fun stuff.

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