Thursday, February 17, 2011

the head of Carl Titolo

As I have maybe mentioned, Team,
this semester I am auditing an undergraduate class in figure sculpture for illustrators. The course is taught by Michael Combs, who as fortune would have it is also an alumni of the very same illustrious masters program in which I am currently conducting my studies.
For my first project we were asked to sculpt the head of a recognizable figure. I sought and was granted permission to do the caricatured head of the inimitable and wondrous Carl Titolo, artiste and professor extraordinaire.
Here is some reference that the boss was good enough to pose for:Some sketching, trying to make decisions about how to caricature and stylize:
And finally the finish:This head was sculpted a tad larger than was assigned, and with some extra hardware involved because when all is said and done it will be a functional marionette, dressed in high-style as Carl Titolo in a paint-streaked sweatsuit with a bandana around the neck.
I have big plans for this marionette, but for right now, it is still just a head

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Aaron Rossell Illustration said...

excellent form, really like the caricaturing. Looks like a really fun project too!