Wednesday, September 11, 2013

The Lexington Hotel

Hello team
yesterday, me and some of my compatriots from Sleep No More were brought on to perform for the grand opening of The Lexington Hotel's new renovations (the walls in the lobby and mezzanine were lavishly illustrated in a stylized art deco fashion by Ruben Toledo, who is such a nice man and I do so adore his work)
I played the part of the handsome moody artist, live-sketching the event in period costume.  My little wife Ginger was a flapper, as was Teresa Reynolds. My other wife Lindsay Naas played the movie star
Nick Atkinson A.E. Kieren Nick Bruder Lexington Hotel Grand Opening
here I am with the ever-dashing Nick Atkinson and the other male performers

A.E. Kieren Ginger Kearns Teresa Reynolds Flappers The Lexington Hotel
me with the flappers. 
Flappers gotta flap.

Nick Bruder and Emily Terndrup (actual Sleep No More dancers, not just bartenders with phony accents like the rest of us)

Ginger and Teresa of WCP Comedy

Ginger as "some flapper"