Thursday, February 11, 2010


I have not won an art contest since high school. Seriously. Back then, in little ole Newaygo county, I actually got rather spoiled off of winning things. But that was a long time ago, and in the intervening years I have entered a lot but been selected for nothing.
Until this morning, when I found out that I was selected this year as the first prize winner of CCS annual Hagopian rug design competition!
I am extremely pleased with this, because not only do I recieve a $1000 scholarship, but also Hagopian World of Rugs will be producing my design as a full scale rug, which will be on display at graduation and student exhibition this year.
The crazy part is that I almost didn't enter, because I thought I had too much classwork to get anything extra done. But, I found a couple of hours to produce a few simple designs, and they ended up choosing one of them.
I wish I could post an image but a) I'm not even sure which one of my entries was chosen, and b) I didn't have time to scan them in before the submission deadline (my apologies, I know that is very poor professional practice)
anyway, I'm just excited and wanted to share


ChrisHoobler said...

congrats again sir. i was told the one that won was the leaf design? not sure if that helps or not.

Anna Lisa said...

good job tony!

Aaron Rossell said...

that's exciting--and it sounds like a sweet project! Hope to see the rug here soon. Congrats!