Wednesday, June 2, 2010

come and see

Next Saturday (June 12th) I will have a booth at the Fremont Art Fair. I will be trying to unload some paintings from my senior wall, as well as linocut prints on fabric and the "illustrated furniture" I have secretly been working on in my mom's garage. You should come!

Also, some notes from the CCS Student Exhibition:
-Yesterday I went to campus to disassemble my senior wall. It was a wee bit sad.
- All my business cards were gone. I hope this is a positive indicator of interest in my stuff.
- I recieved a Faculty Merit Award for Zenstar Paradela. They choose only ten pieces in the department for that award.
- Scarecrow sold for a handsome sum. In fact, I outsold all my classmates in one fell swoop with that sale. Now I just need to find out who the buyer was so I can thank them and add them to the Christmas card list.
- I was able to trade The Medusa for a superdope illustration of dear friend Patrick Tausney that was executed by other dear friend and one of my favorite CCS illustration weenies, Brian Remillard.

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