Wednesday, December 1, 2010


hey team
like I told you a while back, the Titolo had us make homage pieces about someone who influenced us. I did Barcelona architect Antoni Gaudi.
Since the Titolo is very into mixed media (and so am I), I figured this project was a decent enough time to try things I had often been curious about but never done.
Like mosaic. Gaudi incorporated mosaic into a lot of his designs, and for my part, I have been saving broken china for years with the intention of eventually making mosaics with them. Though until now I had made nary a single mosaic, and all my troves of broken pottery were in my mom's basement back in Michigan. As luck would have it, my sister and brother-in-law came to NYC to visit over thanksgiving weekend, so my mom packed up all the blue and green pottery and sent it with them.
Another element to Gaudi's body of work was his incorporation of landscaping and plant life into his structures. I got to thinking, what if I actually put living plants growing out of the painting?
I said to myself
then I did it anyway.
This is the finishand this is the final assignment with the type incorporated
The physical art weighs rather a lot, and when I placed the mini-cacti into their pot doohickeys I got some dirt in the still-wet oil paint.
Oops. Hopefully it can be swept off when the paint drys.
Please go see the solutions of some of the 'mates.
Joana Avillez
Cecilia Ruiz


Aaron Rossell Illustration said...

living plants?? you crazay

A.E. Kieren said...

my madness knows no bounds