Saturday, November 20, 2010


hey team,
for Carl Titolo we are doing homage pieces about our influences.
Per usual with Carl, the assignment is bizarrely specific:

-square format (which I could certainly live without. the good Lord made rectangles for a reason)
-must be mixed media
-must include the name of the subject
-subject's birth date (and death date if applicable)
-subject's country of origin
-must use the logo for Interview magazine across the top as though this were an actual cover

for my subject I knew I didn't want to do a painter, because I didn't want this to turn into an exercise aping the style of Klimt or Leyendecker.
Obviously my subject would have to be a creative of some stripe though. I considered Joanna Newsom, but really I only got super into her in recent years so to call her a major influence would be insincere. And I've done her before anyway.
I thought about Tom Wolfe and also seriously considered webcomedian Liam Kyle Sullivan, but ultimately my first thought was the truest.
I knew as soon as Titolo got to explaining the project that I wanted to do Catalonian architect Antoni Gaudi.

Have you ever heard it said that we all paint ourselves at the end of the day? It's a known phenomenon that when most people draw and paint they subconsciously apply their own features to their subject. Last night as I was mapping out the Gaudi image and sketching the portrait element, I looked down and saw that I had pretty much drawn my dad.easy to do . . . there is some resemblance (they both had champion beards)
check back for the finish team

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