Wednesday, October 13, 2010

the orange wrappers

Hey team,
for Mr. Carl Titolo's class this week we were asked to do a somewhat unusual project. Most of the emphasis in Titolo's class is to do a ton of experimentation with different media, and not stress too much about having finished hyper-precious portfolio pieces. For this weeks project we were asked to combine the last couple of weeks of workshop tests into a design for an orange wrapper.
What the devil is an orange wrapper?
Apparently in Europe oranges are sold individually wrapped in papers with neato decorative designs on them. It's a grand tradition.
Our project specs were as follows:
the wrapper may be any size, but must be square
the wrapper must be for oranges from a specific country (any country, anywhere in the world)
the wrapper must have a templated element
the wrapper must show an image of an orange
the wrapper must show an image of a gorilla
the wrapper must have text, including the words "orange," "gorilla," and the name of the country you have chosen

now, team, those specs may seem very, very random to you.
and they are. Titolo's philosophy is that the job of an illustrator is to work within artificial constraints, and that it should be our business to be able to make even the most boring things visually interesting.

For the country of my orange wrapper, I did my favorite place in this whole wide world, Mexico

Then, as it turned out, the project was actually due a week later than I thought, so I did a second one for another country of which I am quite fond although I've never been there: Vietnam.

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