Friday, October 29, 2010

some naked dood

I had thought that the still life of the week could become a regular thing here at the A.E.Kierenblog, but wednesday night when I showed up to painting studio, there were no bell peppers, and no bananas. Instead we had some naked dude.
Had I known we would be painting a figure, I probably wouldn't have toned my canvas bright turquoise blue. Erik Olsen used to tone his canvases in pthalo blues and he always made it work, but every time I ever tried it it ended in disaster. So I figured, what better opportunity to try to make it work than a dull, compulsory still life. Flesh tones over blue are especially hard to mix and layer, but I'm rather satisfied with it this time. The composition is unfortunate, but I'm pleased with the flesh.
Now what to do with the damn thing?

p.s. I usually link to people in my posts, but it would seem that Erik Olson doesn't have a website, which is very stranger for a professional of his distinction


Trip Carroll said...

Looking at this, I would never had guessed painting on top of blue was so difficult.

Good job (like always).

A.E. Kieren said...

its just challenging to see colors accurately when set against blue, oranges look shockingly orange etc. if done properly it all comes together in the end, but it requires a leap of faith at the outset, because you have to put down colors that look very very wrong