Thursday, October 7, 2010

aren't still-lifes great?

Hey team,
As you may know, we 18 first year MFA illustrators take all of our classes together. All save one. Half of us take painting this year, half take drawing. Then it flips next year. Painting studio is 6 to 10 p.m. Wednesday evenings.
Last night those of my classmates who take the drawing clinic on Fridays instead of painting studio on Wednesdays, got free tickers to go see James Earl Jones and Vanessa Redgrave on broadway in "Driving Miss Daisy."
As my privileged classmates enjoyed the show, I spent four hours doing this still life for painting studio:
Let me be frank. Still lifes are not my favorite thing in the world. I must try to remember that this class will make me a better painter.
Because when else am I going to take the initiative to paint a bell pepper on my own?
I thought I might try to sell this on eBay for 5 bucks, but I did my market research and that isn't going to fly.
So who wants it?


Lauren said...


Lauren said...

Oh and I'm going to be in NYC the weekend of the 30th and wanna go to the Society, maybe eat there? But the director guy I knew no longer works there, but you may have ins eh?


A.E. Kieren said...

on the weekend of the 30th i will be in washington DC on that saturday, but society isnt open on saturday anyway
so we have to hang on that friday