Friday, January 14, 2011

happy nude year

ah yes,
the first naked dude of a new year.the legs were coming right at me with some extreme foreshortening, which took me a bit longer to draw accurately than is usual. As a result, at the end of the evening I ran out of time so there isn't as much detail in the face as I might have preferred, and the blue folds in the lower right hand corner were totally phoned-in.
If anybody still cares about the toning experiment, this one was toned in dark burgundy. A sort of cranberry, if you will.
Now lets get something straight, team: I frequently post things that are perhaps controversial or that are supposed to be a secret, and I always think twice before doing it and then remind myself nobody reads this blog.
but that's not really true, is it?
my homeslice Tony D told me that when he ran a google analytics on his website he found that 1/5 of his hits were routed from here, from the link in the blogroll to the left, or perhaps the link from this post. Turns out my traffic stats lately have been very good (although no actual jobs or money have resulted from those stats yet).
Now, team, I know I'm allawesomeandshit, but if I had to guess what would be driving all the traffic on the AEKierenBlog, given the time of year . . . it's probably prospective grad students fretting about application deadlines, considering the program here at SVA, googling it, and finding this silly blog.
So to all you illustration weenies out there who are dreaming of partying with Marshall, you should message me. I know things. I got myself into this program, perhaps I could help you get in too.
In fact, I have an audacious proposal for you. Why not buy this weeks naked dood from my Etsy, lie about its origins, and use it as a portfolio piece when you apply!

(Please don't actually do that. It would be in very poor taste. But you should buy it nevertheless)

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