Thursday, September 9, 2010

meet the new classmates

Hey team,
classes started yesterday for the masters in illustration at SVA.
Not only are there literally hundreds of places in the area that will deliver any crazy food I want to me in my studio, but the facilities are beautiful.That there is my new studio space. It needs to get a bit more lived in, but that will happen soon enough.
This is the view of Chelsea from our studio loft.the wall of fame showcase displaying the many published works of the program's alumni:Some of my classmates hanging out in the kitchenSpeaking of my classmates, team, there are but 18 of us in the class of 2012. Please allow me to introduce them to you
Joanna d'AvillezCecilia RuizElizabeth BaddeleyJohn MaltaDasha TolstikovaBrad SoucyCharles ChaissonHaejeon Lee, a.k.a. JessicaAlicia JacobsCharnelle PinkneyJaeKyung Jeong, a.k.a. Heather
Rebecca ZomchekRafael AlvarezLiPei Huang
You may notice, team, to your right the blogroll has grown, and everybody here with a website is now included to. So click around and familiarize yourself.


Elizabeth Baddeley said...

ok, I give, here is my blog. You can link me even if that is an AWFUL photo. But I guess that's sort of my fault.

Charlangas! said...

great view! i hope ur having fun!

alicia said...

wow, talk about an awful photo! my face is running into my neck! i should've just left the one with my eyes shut